Waiting for new episodes of Voltron Force? They are happening now in bookstores, comic shops and online with VIZ Media's Voltron Force comics! Volume 4: Rise of the Beast King written by Brian "Smitty" Smith (The Stuff of Legend, The Intrepid Escape Goat) and illustrated by Alfa Robbi (Ev - Tokyo Pop) is out now and features the untold tale of Voltron's dark side! No one knows for certain how Voltron was formed, but one ancient legend claims the mighty robot had a sixth part: a terrible warrior spirit called the Beast King. Acccording to the story, the Beast KIng was separated from the five robot lions and forced into a deep slumber. Now, an ancient evil is stirring. Has the Beast King has awakened to rejoin its destructive spirit with the Voltron Lions? 96 pages. MSRP $7.99 FREE POSTER WITH PURCHASE FROM VOLTRON.COM