The bold new vision of the Voltron unviverse from writer Brandon Thomas and new artist N. Steven Harris continues with Voltron #8 from Dynamite Comics in comic shops, online and available for download on ComixologyOne of Earth's moons lies in ruins, and the Voltron Force is once again returning back to the planet in a rain of fire and debris. And even though every shred of evidence points to the contrary, Keith is convinced a familiar foe is somehow responsible and secretly pulling all the strings. So while the entire Galactic Alliance ponders a deal with the devil, Keith and his team scramble to track down their powerful new enemy before it strikes again. Except that it's heading for the last place they would ever expect---the former Planet Doom. Everything is different, and now that the galaxy is dealing with "Ten Lions," there's no telling what will happen next... Voltron #8 is now available in comic shops, online and on Comixology.com